Over the Range Microwave Installation Cost

Total Installation Cost Range: $200 - $1,050
Average Materials Cost: $200 - $750
Average Labor Cost: $50 - $400
Avg. Time to Complete: A typical installation takes 1-2 people a half day.

Usually Includes: A microwave oven, mounting bracket, screws, possibly a shelf or cabinet and labor costs.

Installing a microwave oven above the kitchen range makes efficient use of the space and reduces clutter on the countertop. The microwave oven is handy for a wide range of applications including thawing frozen foods, warming up leftovers and, of course, making popcorn!

This home installation cost guide will help you do the job yourself or find a contractor for the work. You’ll learn about the cost of the microwave and the cost of installing it too. The work requires about a half day. It can be done by a single person, but having a second set of hands at crucial times will be helpful.

Included in the Microwave Oven Installation Cost Estimate

free-estimatesA kitchen contractor will include these items in the estimate they give you for the work. This list shows you what you’ll need if the job is DIY.

  • The cost of the microwave oven
  • Installing an electrical outlet, if needed, or wiring the oven directly to the electrical box (not typical)
  • Adding a cabinet for the microwave, if desired
  • Installing the microwave by fixing it to the wall, if no cabinet is added
  • The cost of labor for completing the work

Factors that Increase the Cost of Microwave Installation

There are a few factors that will increase cost:

  • Choosing a multi-functional microwave that includes a rotisserie or convection oven might double the cost of the unit
  • Venting the oven will increase the cost by as much as $500 if the kitchen is not set up for a vent, and that is why most people choose just a basic microwave oven to be installed above the rangekitchen
  • Hard-wiring the unit directly to the panel means running a new electric line, and this might add $300 to $500 to the cost of the project

Most microwave ovens include a standard plug, but if there is no outlet in the near vicinity of the installation, a new line and outlet might be required. This might also add several hundred dollars to the project cost.

Tools and Supplies Required for Microwave Oven Installation

When installing a unit above the range, it will either attach directly to the wall or be housed in a cabinet that is attached to the wall. Here’s what you’ll need to hang the cabinet or the microwave oven:

  • Stud finder
  • Electric drill
  • Tape measure
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Level
  • Mounting hardware and screws
  • A person to help you hold the microwave in place with you secure it to the bracket
  • Safety goggles

If you are going to install an outlet or wire the oven to the electric box, then you’ll need a roll of 12-2 wire, an outlet box and plug. In addition, an additional circuit might be required in the electrical panel.

If installing a microwave oven with a rotisserie or convection oven will have to be vented. The installation of a vent requires the vent, the duct, a saw for creating a hole in the roof or side of the house and an exterior vent cover.

Ways to Save Money on Microwave Oven Installation

  • If you’re mounting the oven on the wall and a suitable outlet is already in place, doing the work yourself is a good option if you have moderate DIY skills. See the resources below for help on DIY microwave installation.
  • If you’re having a new electrical line added, the best way to lower costs is to get multiple estimates from contractors in your area who know that they are competing for the work.
  • Look for deals for microwave ovens online


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