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The Installation Cost Guides website was launched to provide consumers with detailed price guides to help them plan for their next home improvement project. By gathering information about what professionals charge, and homeowners have paid, we can provide you with your best estimate for your next project. Proper planning and research will help you get the most out of your money!

The owner of Installation Cost Guides is an industry professional with over 25 years experience in helping consumers with their home improvement projects, home repairs, as well as an extensive background within the heating and air conditioning industry.  His team brings with them a wealth of information to share with you, the homeowner.

If you like what you read and want to let us know or you have an installation cost guides suggestion, jump over to our contact page and give us a shout! We love to hear from our readers and want to know what kind of articles you would like to see!

What Will You Find at Installation Cost Guides?

As you browse around the installation cost guides website, you are going to notice we have several sections of information. The information includes:

Installation Cost Guides

In the installation cost guides section of our website, you will find helpful, professional and consumer driven cost guides that will help you understand more about what goes into specific home improvement projects. Items you will find in the cost guides include:

  • General pricing information with a low-high range
  • Factors that will effect installation costs
  • Items included in a price quote from a professional
  • DIY tools and supplies list
  • Tips to save on installation costs
  • Additional guides from professional on the web

Share Your Projects

If you have recently had a home improvement project or repair completed at your home, please share it with us! The types of information that will be helpful are, the cost of your project, what supplies, tools, labor and product costs you incurred, how long it took to complete the project, and how many installers it took.

By sharing your project details you help other consumers know what to expect if they choose the same type of project in their home.

Professional Help Wanted!

We always looking for Pro’s to partner with! Whether you just want to correct something we have on one of our home improvement project guides, or you want to provide a complete guide of your own, we’re always on the lookout for professional installation contractors.

Get Free Estimates and Quotes

To get free estimates or quotes from local service professionals, fill out our “Get Free Estimates” form and give us the details of your project. We can then match you up with 5 professionals in your area, and with networks all over the U.S.,  we are sure to find the perfect match for you.