Sod Installation Cost

Total Installation Cost Range: $280 - $3,500
Average Materials Cost:
Average Labor Cost:
Avg. Time to Complete: 6-8 Hours, 2 Installers

Usually Includes: Sod, Labor, Tools & Supplies

For homeowners that need or want to create an instant lawn,  installing sod can assure that you have a green and lush yard in about a day, depending on the size.

Sod is actual grass and can be purchased in squares or rolls and is used in a lot of new home construction.  Sod rolls are installed much like the rolls used in carpet installation, where proper installation includes making seams invisible.

Most often, sod installations should be performed by a landscape contractor and the cost is primarily based on how large the area is. An average rectangle yard of 2000 square feet usually takes 2 installers and about 6 to 8 hours. If there are steep slopes or odd spaces to be sodded, it may take longer because some work will have to be done by hand.

This installation cost guide, will help in giving you all the information you need to understand the overall cost to install sod at your home. You will also come away with knowledge on how to complete the job on your own, what you should have on hand and ways to save on the total cost of installing sod.

Items Usually Included in Price Estimate

Items included in estimates for sod installation:

  • Price of sod
  • Cost for laborers
  • Delivery of sod
  • Cleaning up after installation
  • Disposing of materials and any fees involved

The installation crew will have to use many if not all of the following tools and if its going to be a do-it- yourself project, you will need to have these items on hand as well.  Have the help of at least 2 people with this project, especially in the prep and cleanup phases.

  • Stakes/Lawn Pegs
  • Chemicals to kill your existing lawn
  • String
  • Typical hand tools or supplies (tape measure, pencil, paper, hammer)
  • Garden tools (sprinkler, garden hose, garden spade,rake)
  • Carpet knife
  • Sod Roller
  • Wheelbarrow

Things that Effect Cost

It will make a big difference if your yard has steep slopes or tight areas and it will probably effect your total sod installation cost . For example, if your lawn is a basic triangle and all areas have easy access to the machinery landscapers use to roll and seam your sod, it will cost less. But if they need an additional installer to hand lay and seam, it will cost you quite a bit more in labor.

Other factors include:

  • What size is your yard
  • Type of grass/sod used
  • If the contractor has to remove trees or bushes
  • Current workload on contractor
  • If your yard has steep slopes or tight corners
  • Are you going to “over-seed”

Save Money On The Installation

There are a few ways you can save on the cost of sod installation that we have outlined below.  For the most part, it would be best to have a professional landscaper complete the project because it will be done quickly, efficiently, and look much more professional. If you would like to save some money on the installation, consider these options.

  • Kill off your existing lawn, dig it up and dispose of it
  • Buy the sod directly from the supplier and have it on hand for the landscaper
  • Remove all roots, rocks or debris and level the area (per contractor instructions)
  • Ask the contractor to let you help with the project.
  • After installation, clean up the area and dispose of any debris

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