Attic Fan Installation Cost

Total Installation Cost Range: $350 - $750
Average Materials Cost:
Average Labor Cost:
Avg. Time to Complete: 3-5 Hours, for 1 Installer

Usually Includes: Attic fan, Installation Hardware, Supplies and Labor

Attic vent fans, whether they are gable mounted, solar powered, un-powered, or roof mounted, are installed in the attic space of your home to circulate and vent the hot air from the attic during the summer months. Attic fans also promote better air circulation and ventilation all year round. Attic fans are often installed by Handymen, Electricians, Roofers or HVAC Contractors in less than 4 hours, and are often taken-on as a DIY project by fairly handy homeowners as well. It’s very common to complete the installation of an attic fan while installing a central air conditioner, heat pump or furnace, or even when you have a new roof installed.

In this Installation Cost Guide, we will lead you through the process and explain what to expect when you have an attic fan installed in your home. We’ll cover the most common tools that are used during the project, ways you can save money, as well as the items usually included in the attic fan installation cost.

Items Usually Included in Installation Price

The items and tasks below will most likely be included in the final cost of installing an attic fan. Since there are several types of attic fans, we’ll mention it when an item is only applicable to a specific types.

  • Properly Sized Attic Fan, regardless of the type
  • Solar Panel (for solar powered models)
  • Louvered Vents (for gable mounted fans, if applicable)
  • Scrap pieces of plywood to seal all areas around fan.
  • Shingles and metal flashing (as needed for roof mounted fans)
  • Electric wiring, junction box, switch and electric supplies as needed

Installing an attic fan will also likely include the use of the tools below and a contractor who completes the installation should be well versed in using them. If you are planning a do-it-yourself installation, you would need to have the tools and know how to safely use them.

  • Common hand tools (screwdrivers, powered drill, tape measure, etc)
  • Reciprocating or circular saw
  • Ladder that is tall enough to reach your roof access, and/or gable access for mounting louvers where needed
  • Circuit tester
  • Other tools as needed for working with electrical wiring

Factors that Can Effect the Installation Cost

Depending on your home, your availability and the person installing your attic fan, there may be other factors that can increase the price you pay.

  • Your Availability – If you are only available in the afternoon or late in the day, it can be excruciatingly hot inside your attic. Make yourself available as early in the day as possible to avoid a worker being in the attic after 11am.
  • Type of Attic Fan Being Installed – Attaching a gable fan to the peak on one end of your roof is a pretty easy process. Cutting a hole between two rafters and repairing the shingles so they never leak is a lot harder.
  • Height and Pitch (slope-angle) of the Roof – With a single story home, there are far fewer safety issues with being on the roof. However, if the contractor or person who installs an attic fan has to rig up safety lines on a three-story steep roof, the cost is going to rise accordingly.
  • Availability of Electricity in Attic – If an electrician needs to run a new electric line to your attic, there will be a cost associated with it.

How to Save on Installation

In order to save money when you have an attic fan installed, you can use one or more of the following methods.

  • Purchase the attic fan and supplies yourself
  • Install the unit yourself as a diy project
  • Have the fan installed at the same time as other home improvements

Learn More about Attic Fans & Installation

To learn more about how attic fans work, how they may benefit your home, how to install an attic fan yourself, or if you just want general information about attic fan, we have compiled the following resources below.

Horizon Energy of Phoenix – Has an in-depth article with pros and cons of attic fans.

Oikos – Article from Energy Source Builder website, that can help you understand more about effective attic ventilation.

Popular Mechanics Magazine – Has a well written and illustrated guide to DIY installation of your attic fan.

Easy2DIY – Another well written tutorial with video and images, for homeowners considering a self installation of an attic fan.

We like hearing from our readers. Please share your experience of your attic fan installation costs by sending us an email through our submission form, or by commenting below.

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