Skylight Installation Costs

Installation Cost Range: $475 - $5,000
Avg. Time to Complete: 2 - 4 Hours, 2 Installers

Usually Includes: Skylight, Removal and Disposal, Installation and Supplies to Complete Project.

For a homeowner, a skylight can provide much needed light for a dark room and serve as a beautiful way to bring the outdoors, inside. In addition, if you select a skylight that is Energy Star Rated, you can save on heating and cooling costs as well.

Skylight installations are not considered to be the best DIY projects, although, if you have extensive carpentry and roofing skills, it can be done.  For the most part, skylight installations are best performed by a skilled carpenter so that leaks and roof damage can be prevented. Skylights can usually be installed in 2-4 hours, usually requiring 2 installers.

There are many types of skylights on the market such as tubular or venting skylights. There are also many accessories that could increase the base price of a skylight, such as; solar coverings, remote control devices and specialty blinds and shades. Additional fees could also be involved based on the complexity of the job, whether additional framing will be needed within your attic or the size and weight of the skylight.

In this Installation Cost Guide, we will help by giving you detailed information on the installation process, tools, skills and other factors that could effect the cost for skylight installation. You will also understand more about which items are usually included in the cost of installing skylights. If you recently had a new skylight installed, please jump over to our recent projects page and share your experience.

Items Usually Included in Skylight Estimates

The following items are usually included in most skylight installation estimates:

  • Skylight Kit
  • Tools and Supplies Needed to Complete the Job
  • Delivery Cost
  • Labor Cost for 2 Installers
  • Prep work to protect existing finishes in your home
  • Roof or Shingle Repair and Resealing
  • Removal & Disposal of Debris

In addition to parts and materials above, the cost to install skylights may also include the use of the following tools and supplies, commonly used by a carpenter. If you choose to make this a DIY project, the list of supplies is extensive, but you want to make sure you are prepared when trying to complete a skylight installation on your own.  It would be best if you have extensive knowledge in carpentry and also some wiring and roofing knowledge before you try to do it yourself.

  • Safety Items – Glasses and Gloves
  • Common Household Tools & Supplies – Utility Knife, Tape Measure, Compass, Ladder, Coat Hanger, Screws, Level, Crayon (for marking lumber)
  • Aluminum Tape – Used to help seal seams
  • Roof Sealant – To caulk the underside of the flashing
  • Pile Seal – Used to create an expansion joint for the light tube
  • Electric Drill – Used to drill through ceiling drywall
  • Reciprocating Saw – Used to cut hole for flashing installation
  • Hole Saw – Used to cut through inside ceiling

Factors that Effect Installation Costs

There are several factors that could effect your total skylight installation cost and one that will make the most difference is if there are modifications or additions needed in your attic, such as extensive framing for a large skylight. For example, if you are installing tube lighting has to be installed through the external part of your roof with a finished frame or extension in the attic, your installation cost will increase due to added labor, cost of lumber, sheetrock or roofing materials.

  • How Large the Job is:  Installation of a skylight that is more than 15% of a rooms average space can require additional sheet rock installation and even extensive roof patching and repairs.
  • Type of Skylight:  Skylights are available in many different sizes, shapes and efficiency ratings.
  • Steep Roof:  Installing a skylight on steep roof peaks makes it very difficult for contractors, so expect there to be additional fees if your roof is excessively tall or steep.
  • Blinds or Shades Needed:  If you have your skylight installed in an area where sunlight is beaming in all day, you may need to have blinds, shades or a solar cover installed to cut down on heat & cooling losses.
  • Permit and Inspection Fees:  Check with your county government to inquire about whether you need a permit.
  • Current Workload on Contractor: Based on the time of the year and contractor demand, you may have to pay more if you want your skylight immediately. Do some checking in your area to find out the best time (when contractors are less busy) to have your skylight installed.

Save on Installation Costs!

There are a few ways you can save on the cost of skylight installation that we have outlined below.  For the most part, it would be best to have a carpenter complete the project because this is a job that should be completed by someone with specialized skills. If you would like to save some money on the installation, consider these options.

  • Shop online and purchase your skylight yourself
  • Do prep work to cover any finishes in your home you don’t want to be damaged
  • Clean up and dispose of debris after the installation
  • Pay in cash
  • Offer to be the contractors helper for the day to cut down on labor costs

There are several items that could either raise or lower the cost to install a skylight and your best bet is to contact multiple contractors for several price quotes; (click here for free estimates).  Do lots of research so you can ask the contractor the right questions about what type of skylight they suggest, do they have the specialized skills for job and how long the job should take.

Learn More about Skylight Installation

To learn more about the process of how to install a skylight, issues that might arise if you make this a DIY project, or the best way to get skylight installation cost estimates from various contractors, view some of the links below.  – Extreme How-To video article on DIY skylight installation. – Skylight Installation Tips to Get the Job Done Right – Things to consider when buying Skylights, Solar Tubes, Sun Tunnels and Tubular Skylights – Questions about Skylights and Energy

Share Your own experience with us by heading over to the user submission form, and email us with the information about your own skylight installation cost.

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