Ceiling Fan Installation Cost

Total Installation Cost Range: $250 - $750
Average Materials Cost:
Average Labor Cost:
Avg. Time to Complete: 1-2 Hours, 1 Installer

Usually Includes: Ceiling Fan, Installation Hardware, Supplies and Labor

Ceiling fans have become commonplace in most homes primarily due to the aesthetic value to your room. But ceiling fans are also very useful in keeping air circulated throughout your home, which in turn, may allow you to breathe cleaner air, reduce the load on your central air conditioner, and keep your energy costs down. Just like an attic fan, most ceiling fans should be installed by an electrician, especially if there will be a need for the addition of electrical outlets or wiring. A ceiling fan can be usually be only requires one installer and a qualified electrician can complete it in 1 or 2 hours.

We strive to give you good information in this installation cost guide, including installation processes, skills needed, tools to have on hand and other factors that may have a bearing on the cost to have a ceiling fan installed. You will also have a better understanding about those items that are routinely included in the cost of installing a ceiling fan.

Items Usually Included in Price Estimate

The following items are frequently included in most ceiling fan price estimations:

  • Price of the ceiling fan you choose
  • Electrician labor costs
  • Electrical supplies and other tools
  • Any wiring that may need to be done
  • Additional support bracing within the ceiling, to support the weight of the fan

Along with the list of materials and parts above, the cost of of installation for a ceiling fan also includes some or all of the tools below, commonly used by the electrician who install ceiling fans. You might choose to take on the installation as a DIY project, and if so,  you should have these tools on hand, as well as a clear understanding about how use them correctly.

  • Ordinary hand tools (wire strippers, hammer, drill, screwdrivers, tape measure)
  • Drywall and Paint (if the attic is not accessible)
  • Ladder tall enough to reach the ceiling or in the case of vaulted ceiling, much taller.
  • Drywall saw when there is no attic access
  • Caulk gun for sealing
  • Electric circuit tester and tools used when electrical work is being completed

Factors that Effect Installation Costs

There are factors that will effect your total ceiling fans installation cost. Which ceiling fan you purchase, where it will be placed and if you have a need for additional electrical services.  For example, if you need to install ceiling fans on a ceiling that is vaulted, has sharp angles or is otherwise difficult to access, the electrician may add additional installation costs. In addition, if there is no access to your attic, your ceiling may need to be cut which will require drywall and paint for repair.

  • Ceiling fan size
  • Type of ceiling – drop ceilings require more work
  • Current workload on contractor
  • Changing or adding electrical wiring and boxes
  • Strength of the junction box and whether it can support a fan or not

Save on Installation Costs!

Most people could use to trim a bit off of the total cost of ceiling fan installation. Since working with electricity, in most cases it should be an electrician that installs the ceiling fan for you, but if you have electrical knowledge there is no reason you can’t do the project yourself and save money.

  • Compare prices and purchase the ceiling fan online or at a discount store.
  • Sell your old ceiling fan on Craigslist, eBay or a yard sale. This could offset the price of your new ceiling fans.
  • Ask the electrician to let you help so you can learn more about working with electricity.

There will most likely be other things that could lower or raise your cost install ceiling fans and your best bet is to communicate with electrical contractors so you can receive multiple price quotes. Doing proper advance research will help you ask more educated questions of the contractors. Do proper advance research so you can ask educated questions when speaking with contractors.

Learn More about Ceiling Fan Installation

To learn more about the process of installing an updated ceiling fan, obstacles you could potentially run into, or how to obtain  ceiling fan installation cost estimates from various contractors, view some of the links below.

One Project Closer-Instructions on how to install a ceiling fan mount bracket and electrical box. They outline how to install a ceiling fan box between joists and what tools you will need for the installation.

SF Gate – Hanging a heavy ceiling fan while on a ladder is not easy, but SF Gate shows you how to wire a ceiling fan quickly and easily.

Dummies.com – Easy to understand instructions for installing a ceiling fan written by the author of many “dummies” books.

Share Your own experience with us by heading over to the user submission form, and submit information about your own ceiling fan installation cost.

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  1. NotGonnaFeedTheGreedyContractor says:

    Why is the COST of a ceiling fan “usually included” in the installation?
    That’s STUPID. I want to know the cost if INSTALLATION ONLY. I can’t believe how many websites include cost of a ceiling fan in the INSTALL cost. People designing these websites don’t GET IT. And the average install fee’s I find are ridiculous. I didn’t know electricians/contractors where this effing greedy.

    • Mark says:

      Lets break it down… so you have an idea of what goes into the cost of installing a fan for you. The problem with many homeowners, is that you have no idea of the costs to run a small business in the USA. And… that your billing should start and end when the guy gets to your house.

      Lets do this… and assume the worker charges $50/hour, which is probably the lowest rate you will ever get. (vehicle insurance, insurance in case they burn down your home, phones, taxes, overhead, and all the costs you forget about, are not free) You might be able to find a handyman in your area for less than $50/hour, but you’ll get exactly what you pay for, and god forbid they wrap your electric wire with tape versus wire nuts, and leave the fire hazard to you and your family.

      $50 – 1 hour of driving time (30 minutes each way to/from your home)
      $5 – 1 gallon of gas at today gas prices (Work vans get around 12-15mpg)
      $100 – Assuming an average installation, allow for 2 hours.
      $75 – Average cost of a ceiling fan.


      Now… if there is anything out of the ordinary, like the electric wiring needs to be fixed, a separate circuit needs to be run, a wall switch replaced, or you need to have a support block installed at the fixture that was only designed to hold a lightweight light, plan to pay more.

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