Garbage Disposal Installation Costs

Total Installation Cost Range: $350 - $850, Depending on Unit & Electrical Needs
Average Materials Cost: $75 - $500
Average Labor Cost: $250 - $650
Avg. Time to Complete: 4-6 Hours, 1 installer

Usually Includes: Garbage Disposal Unit, all PVC Piping and Related Plumbing Supplies, as well as All Labor to Install the Garbage Disposal.

While many new houses come equipped with almost every appliance you could want, homeowners may find they need to install a garbage disposal to their sink. Disposers allow you to finely grind small amounts of waste food in your single or double sink, and wash them down the drain into the sewer system.

Once you have purchased a unit, garbage disposal installation costs are actually quite affordable, and a new garbage disposal can be installed by a Handyman or Plumber in less than one day.

In this Installation Costs guide, we’re going to look at the average costs to install a garbage disposal in your kitchen sink. We’ll cover what you can expect to be included in the project estimate from your handyman or plumber, as well as discuss the factors like running electricity, that can add to the garbage disposal installation cost.

Usually Included in the Cost

When you call out a plumber or handyman to estimate the cost of installing your new garbage disposal, they are going to check under the kitchen sink to see what is there for plumbing, and what you may need for electrical service. In some case, they recommend you add a new sink or dishwasher at the same time, and if they’re in there, it may be worth asking for a combined price quote.

Expect the following items to be included in your garbage disposal installation estimate, however, you should always insist on an itemized quote.

  • New Garbage Disposal Unit. (unless you are supplying your own)
  • Removal of Old Unit. (if applicable)
  • Repair, Connect, or Replacement of Drain Lines and Plumbing to Disposal Unit.
  • All Electrical Connections and power Requirements for Garbage Disposal.
  • Hose Connecting Dishwasher to Garbage Disposal.
  • All Labor and Supplies to Complete the Garbage Disposal Installation.

In addition to the supplies above, you can expect a handyman or plumber to use the following tools to install your new garbage disposal. If you choose to try to install the disposal yourself, you will need the following:

  • General Hand Tools. – Hammer, screw-drivers, putty knife, pipe pliers (channel-locks) etc.
  • Electric Multimeter and testing equipment.
  • Hacksaw and/or PVC pipe cutting tools

Things that Can Make it Cost More?

There are several things that can affect the installation cost you pay, but they aren’t really related to the garbage disposal itself.

  • If you Want a Quiet or More Powerful Disposal, Expect to Pay Slightly Higher Cost.
  • Do You Have Power Capable of Handling the Disposal? – If an electrician needs to be called in to run a new electrical outlet or line from the circuit breaker panel, it will cost more.
  • Will Your Sink Accept a Garbage Disposal? – Some old style sinks may not allow the disposal to attach to the bottom of it.

What else may cause the garbage disposal installation cost to go up? If you know, share it with others in the comments section below.

Other Resources to learn about Garbage Disposal Installation

The Internet is full of great resources for both DIY’ers and folks who just want to hire a pro. Check out these great resources for installing a garbage disposal.

Lowes Home Improvement – Not only does Lowes offer a great bit of print info, we also linked to a video below where they do a step by step garbage disposal installation video.

Popular Mechanics – Has a step by step guide to help install a new disposal when the old unit fails.

DIY Network – The DIYNetwork estimates the average cost to install a garbage disposal unit at approximately $100-$250, if you do it yourself. They provide a great guide for getting started as well.

HomeWyse – Estimates the cost between $300-$400, with the biggest variable being the cost of the unit itself.

Home Depot – The HD has a very informative buying guide for residential garbage disposals. It covers things like what to do if you have a septic system, and several other disposal features that are worth the reading.

Have you had a disposal installed at your house, or are you a Contractor who installs them for your customers? If so, please consider sharing information about your project below.


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